We bring value to your business,
by providing dedication, convenience
and reliability.

We bring value to your business, by providing dedication, convenience and reliability.

Within our small bunch of passionate, creative, diverse
professionals, we all share skills, ideas, and experiences
that generate inflammable creative power.
Within our small bunch of passionate, creative, diverse professionals, we all share skills, ideas, and experiences that generate inflammable creative power.

What are we doing?

We are building a trustful surrounding for honest, human-to-human conversation about all aspects of your business. That way we can deliver more effective strategies and higher in-depth quality branding.

Our process.

By bridging strategy and creativity, logic and magic – we craft experiences that unleash the true potential of your brand and enable customers to feel its heartbeat.

Our Team


She’s always first to make sense of the pre-project jumble and clutter, then makes a neat to-do list that we all follow with zeal.

Everybody knows about those captivating people who bring a special kind of magic to any social gathering – Irina is one of those people.

There is a beauty in her simple no-nonsense approach to life and work. We follow the vibe she carries and it inspires our projects and our everyday life.


Vjeko is always first to arrive and last to leave the office. His desk is organized as if by ruler and his publications always neatly aligned on the coffee table. With Vjeko things are done in a highly committed and responsible manner.

You think – problem – he thinks challenge. For Vjeko every problem has a multitude of solutions, the challenge is to find the best one. In a nutshell, Vjeko belongs to the endangered species of objective, ego-free, easy-to-work-with creatives.

Vjeko is our go-to person for quick, tasty and tested recipes that he often (aren’t we lucky?) brings to the office for tasting. When it comes to books, it is safe to say he is one of the reasons Amazon’s international hard copy book sales are still going strong.

Borisav Lađarević / MARKETING DIRECTOR

Every company needs a person that turns the wheels when it gets tough and stays composed in any given situation. We are lucky to have one. His  ‘there’s got to be a way’ attitude never fails to bring positivity and great solutions to our daily lives. 

With a stellar background, impeccable work ethics, and Oxford dictionary definition of a team player, Boki (as we go by) has thought us about industry practices, law and file order, and charming approach to clients, that does wonders.

Boki has a black belt in making Schnenokle and you need to try them- just saying!  Besides his own delicacies, Boki loves canelle and has found the best place in Belgrade that has them, which (aren’t we lucky again) he always buys for the whole office!


Her photo filter on Instagram makes you believe life is a fairytale. Unintentional test of commitment, we set her first week on a new job, showed us that Katarina is ready to jump into fire for the team – when she, luckily for us, came back next Monday.

Her passion for photography led her to Instagram, which sparks her enthusiasm to learn more about social media and digital communication. Curious and creative, she makes incredible storytelling for brands we’re taking care of. Being methodical and very detailed she’ll target the narrowest audience we have the message for. She may be quiet but her results aren’t.

Special love to cats (and dogs) she have, just as well for zucchini salad. She found herself amazed with newly discovered passion for the fitness, came as a surprise of a challenge she put herself into. And Cosy is her code name – to find out why, you’ll have to visit us in the office once.

Marija Jovanović / DESIGNER

The new generation is coming and we have the Ambassador with us. Quite an exciting experience for boomers and X-gen team members, to understand their perspective deeper.  She helps our brands and us,  to address her generation without getting embarrassed and we are so grateful for that.

Her focus is remarkable and we like to attribute it to having headphones constantly on. But don’t be fooled. Although quiet, Marija’s perceptive remarks and ideas are often changing the course of things. Animation is her passion. She is super-talented and resourceful with any task that comes her way, except for the despise of having too much text in the design.

If there is truth in the theory of existence in previous life, Marija was South Korean. With an unusual sensibility toward exotic parts of the world, from a general POV, she’s grasping the variety of humanity and tirelessly working on a better understanding of the global nation. 


What would an agency do without one girl from Čačak? “Maybe there are few of us, but we are well-distributed“ she loves to say about people from her hometown. Energetic and motivated, all projects she runs go smoothly. Focused on finishing the task, whatever it is.

Our office war version is a game of leftover 3D letters from a project. Everyone chooses a word that best describes them and displays it above the desk. By the time Nevena joined our team many letters were missing but on day one she spotted an expression we already had “Ide gas“ (closest to “Push it!“) – smiled and said – Perfect for me! We couldn’t agree more.  

A true team player you can always count on – from copywriting to office food ordering, and client afterparties, she’s a true buddy on the field, preserving the reputation of the team.

Katarina Mihajlović / DESIGNER

She’s a ninja when entering the office, and busy Bee in front of the computer. She works silently in task-killer mode. Eager to learn and genuinely curious.

Churchill once said- she is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma-if he knew Katarina he would say it again. Usually quiet and seemingly shy, but when into the topic, her other side shines bright and you’ll see her great passion and enthusiasm for work.  

She might appear a little bit picky, which makes us even more proud that she chose our Metod family. Charming, polite, and open-minded she undoubtedly fits, just like her special-occasion contagious and sincere laugh.


Nobody is more excited when somebody rings the doorbell. Nolita is always first to meet and greet into our Studio.

Sleeps 3/4 of work hours (on average). Gets annoyed with noise and light from camera.

Nolita has won every “Employee of the month Award” and “all she can eat” dog snack awards.


As a younger associate, she works on her status as a door-getter. Nobody passes without noticing or hearing Iskra and her high-pitched screams of joy.

Busy as it gets, she delights us with roughly 50% of her free time.

Fearless of competition, she is IN for that “Employee of the Month” snack award, even adding kiwis and peaches to her diet!