Project Overview

Podrum Palić

Putting Stamp of Age to the modern distillery

What started as a branding and market positioning for a renowned cellar and distillery Podrum Palić 1896 turned into a multi-year full brand and portfolio management partnership. Besides creating the distillery’s umbrella brand and communication strategy, our fruitful partnership has successfully grown the product portfolio. Together we’ve launched spirits to the market, ran campaigns and events, and collected some of the most prestigious spirit awards. We’ve designed labels, packaging, two websites, and various promotional materials to support the communication strategy we created and campaigns we’ve managed and built for each of the products.

Project Description
After full reconstruction, a renowned cellar and distillery Podrum Palić 1896 came to us with plans for a brand new portfolio and market positioning. Despite its rich tradition, the new business approach called for a change in brand perception, marketing positioning and visual appearance to honor its heritage yet reflect the company’s new vision.  The name was kept, but the brand’s visual appearance and communication changed. We intertwined the rich heritage with the latest production technology and fresh vision to create a timeless, enduring brand for the next 100 years.
Besides re-inventing the distillery’s umbrella brand, visual design, and communication strategy our joint partnership with super-talented oenologist Aleksandar Runchev and the entire team behind Podrum Palic, has so far successfully launched promoted, and brought awards to Baraba, Sinner, Podrum Palic Vinjak, and Cherry Brandy onto the market. 

Visual Identity

Inspired by the rich tradition, growing fruits in its own orchards, and new sustainable technology,  the new nature-inspired palette, timeless yet sophisticated look, and feel were united making an umbrella brand, of an otherwise eclectic portfolio of products. The logo was modernized, but the gate, the most iconic symbol of Palic kept to ensure the brand promise of quality and terroir from the region.

With the new launch of the distillery, the focus was on building strong brand awareness about the distillery and trustful relationships with consumers. Starting with the new visual identity, the new brand was applied to the new e-commerce website, packaging, signage, various promotional materials, and social networks.


Marketing approach

The marketing strategy came with a challenge. Due to its long tradition, generations have celebrated special occasions with products from Podrum Palic. We had to change the brand perception of older generations and introduce the brand to young generations who had no knowledge or attachment to the brand.  Building a strong umbrella brand was key, ensuring consumer trust and a smoother introduction of new products to the market. The new slogan A Stamp of Age (Trag jednog doba) was picked to inherit the old with the new, and to preserve the heritage, quality, and tradition but illustrate the change. Distillery’s logo and slogan serve as a timeless umbrella brand, a symbol guaranteeing quality, tradition, and consumer trust.


Two E-commerce Websites

First, we designed, provided content, and developed website, an essential e-commerce website telling a story about distillery, technology, philosophy, and products.

Premium Spirits 
Premium Spirits is a large e-commerce platform with over 100 products among Podrum Palic’s native products, imported program, and Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan’s wine portfolio, fully designed and developed by our team and partners.