Project Overview


Data Processing for Drone-collected Agricultural Imagery

We worked with Agremo (formerly known as Agrisens) on full re-branding and brand positioning by re-inventing new name, new visual identity, the app and platform UX/UI  and communication strategy that successfully launched Agremo internationally in 2017. At the time, Agremo was the first company that developed software for intuitive agricultural sensing and a drone analysis platform for drone operators, growers, and agronomists. Its platform provides actionable insights that lead to sustainable production, higher yields, and lower production costs.


Branding process

With international expansion as the next milestone, we joined forces to re-position the brand and prepare it for its global success. Starting with the name, we opted to find an explanatory, catchy, positive, and easy-to-remember name. AGREMO was the winner with roots in Agri, and MO for Agricultural Monitoring, with an overall positivity resonating with agreement. The logo followed the logic and merged different perspectives that enable users to get a precise picture, which speaks for itself.




Visual Identity & Platform

After extensive UX/UI research and analyses we have developed new sets of symbols, re-defined Information Architecture (IA) and existing grid structure, and applied new platform elements.

Campaign Strategy

Communication Strategy

New communication strategy and content production are segmented into three groups to cover all segments of potential customers: Drone operators, independent agronomists and farmers, and large agricultural corporations. The language, content, and content production in various forms communicated through the website, social channels, and industry platforms focused on brand awareness and brand recognition resulting in a near to 400% increase in customers across four continents.