Project Overview

Music Export Serbia

The national initiative for music promotion

Music Export Serbia is part of a larger national platform, established to promote and connect Serbian artists internationally and to educate and give spotlight to young and established music artists. We were invited to develop the brand, visual identity, and website.

Project Description

With the goal to educate, promote, and partner with the most talented musicians, Music Export Serbia serves as the central point for the cultural promotion of Serbian music worldwide. Our inspiration for brand development, visual identity, design and develop the website for Music Export Serbia came from diversity in music, tonal and spectral ranges, and a blend of retro and new, symbolizing the connection between established artists and young artists performing together and representing Serbia abroad.

The overall appearance including art direction for photography,  gave the platform’s mission to present Serbia as a country of modern, innovative, and creative people.


Visual identity

Logo design includes three basic versions: plane typographic for application on smaller formats, the logo with the frame as a placeholder for additional information which may be applied alongside the logo itself (website, sections on the website, etc.), and logo as a symbol applicable with all other graphic elements – this symbol represents music vinyl record created with MES inscription. Each is in a monochromatic and full-color version.



The next step was to build a platform for Music Export Serbia. The platform was meant to gather musical talents, provide artist with a base to share their stories to establish a communication with other similar institutions in Europe, and to have a place to find about new trends and events in the industry.