Project Overview


Like No Other

Baraba means an admired mischief. From the first bottle, we’ve been behind capturing Baraba’s essence, with legendary Serbian actor Srđan Žika Todorović,  Baraba himself. We’ve built the Baraba brand, carefully orchestrating brand positioning, communication strategy, and creative & art direction from the label & packaging updates to all marketing campaigns, content production, and ads. Let’s just say, that since 2021,  the sales have plummeted and Baraba earned a handful of international awards.

Project Description
In 2021 we were ready to launch Baraba- the premium line of brandy rakija. The fast-growing market of brandies, in general, called for a unique approach, in order to capture the market. To make it stand out we had to create an authentic campaign and make updates on packaging. From 2021 to today we’ve been developing the brand through communication strategy working with Srđan Žika Todorović, and creating and running campaigns, ads, and events. In 2023 each flavor from the line received an IWSC medal of quality, which further helped market expansion and recognition.
Communication strategy

Baraba like no other

Baraba is a local expression for mischief, fearless, living on-the-edge person, but still very popular and envied. The word is slightly archaic and familiar to all, but in reality, it has never been precisely defined. We saw this as an opportunity, to not only make a definition but to give a new meaning to an archaic word – after all each one of us has a bit of  Baraba, and this was to be the base of our campaign- a bit of a gamble that paid off.

To make an impact, we knew we had to find Baraba himself. The legendary Serbian actor Srđan Žika Todorović was our choice and he became the face of Baraba in his real life as well as legendary roles often portrayed this kind of persona. The choice also helped the brand perception of quality, as Srđan has never been associated with any brand, and as a principal Baraba we developed a slogan – Baraba Kakve nema (Baraba like no other).


The first campaign

Ako se razumemo (if you know what I mean)

The first campaign was the reveal of Srđan’s involvement with the brand. Between the fall of 2021 and the spring of 2022, we aired a series of video ads on social media (due to alcohol regulation laws), in which Srđan defined Baraba. The videos became viral with over 5 million views, shares, and comments. Srđan became Baraba himself and Baraba has gotten its first definition with quotations used to this day. The official slogan – Baraba like no other is still used in promotion, but due to the popularity of videos alternative slogan took the lead and is used to close each episode- Ako se razumemo (Do we understand each other or if you know what I mean).


Visual identity

Work on visual identity included updating bottle labels, clearing the space for placement of signature, and illustration of Srđan Žika Todorović. Setting up graphic elements, colors, slogans, and key visuals just rounded the brand book guidance for future communication.

Coupled with transparent communication about fruit origins, processes, standards, and a handful of awards for product quality, Baraba lived up to its promise – like no other. 

Our appetites for success and ideas have grown, Žika has become known as Žika Baraba… stay tuned as we continue to develop Baraba.