Project Overview


The artistry of enjoying the time

The world-recognised equivalent of cognac is made in Serbia. Creating the brand, label, and packaging for an iconic spirit, made by two legends of the industry was a project we treated with special love. Drink of a noble essence, Vinjak praises local terroir, a true craftsmanship process,  and has deservingly called for a different approach in overall concept, design, and communication.

Project Description

VINJAK, a popular spirit and Serbian equivalent of Cognac. For many decades, although beloved, it has been only produced by commercial distilleries which had left an impact on its quality, reputation, and popularity. 

Our communication efforts started from the label – the expertise and duo behind the spirit who signed off the quality- two renowned oenologists that guaranteed a high quality- Srdjan Lukajic, oenologist of the most recognized winery in Serbia- Zvonko Bogdan Winery, whose wines have received some of the world’s most prestigious awards and Aleksandar Ruchev, oenologist from Podrum Palic. Within only 6 months of the launch, the brand has received acknowledgments, and awards for its quality. 


Identity Story

To highlight the craftsmanship process, and connect the tradition and heritage of Serbia, Podrum Palić 1896 Distillery, we used the tower (an integral part of the Podrum Palić identity) and embedded it with rays of sunshine to pay tribute to fertile fields specific to the Palić region. 

The (unofficial) cognac heritage and rich amber color of spirits guided us in choosing the special tone of blue for the dominant color, which perfectly fit with just a few details in gold


Label & Packaging

A unique collaboration of renowned experts – the duo behind the drink signed off the quality – inspired us to add the highlight on the label and amplify the craft version of Vinjak.

Finally, our choice of typography inscription of VINJAK has also found roots in Serbia. Using “Platan BG” by award-winning Serbian typographer Ivana Cirovic,  gave an unusual combination of features, in which a sans-serif base gets some serifs, following the trends of modern typography.  Its elongated proportions give elegance. With its Serbian origin, it completes the idea of honoring heritage and tradition.


Communication Concept

The communication concept for the Vinjak comes from its history, tradition, and production process. Our communication concept is geared towards bringing quality to the first plan and using a brand positioning toward the early adopters in the affluent consumer population, turning it into a drink of a status symbol.
From the way it’s made to the moment of sipping,  It all comes down to – time.  Made of late grape varieties, the double distillation process and aging in Oak barrels all take time, yet contribute to the refined and complex aromas but require time. Even at the moment of sipping,  served neat, the warmth from holding a glass will make essential notes to develop.  Patients is a virtue when it comes to Vinjak- The artistry of enjoying the time