Project Overview

Fonet News Agency

Rebranding the oldest independent news agency for the new era

The first independent News Agency from Serbia approached us on their 30th anniversary for an overall re-branding and market re-positioning. To celebrate their adamant integrity and endurance through turbulent political times, we did a modern spin on an integral part of their identity and set them to sail to the future through a brand new visual identity, brand guidelines, compelling slogan, and a brand new communication strategy that communicates their dashing values.

Project Description
The oldest Serbian independent News Agency’s internal restructuring and modernization called for rebranding and a new communication strategy. Turning towards a younger audience and the need for quick news formats, FONET aimed to become a regional platform for professionals who are searching for unbiased information.

Visual identity - Rebranding

The old branding in place for nearly three decades, although very outdated stood for FONET to its audience since its inception. To accommodate users’ habits we kept the full name but included symbolic objects to represent FONET’s core values, mission, and vision, resulting in a modern and appealing visual for the new audience, without compromising strong credibility and well-earned trust. 

The client’s request was to keep the original colors but make a modern expression of an independent news agency for its expansion on the market. By choosing different hues, and adding tertiary colors, we made the palette more vivid and modern.  The choice of typography posed the biggest challenge as the original name and logo stood for coined words from the FON association on the phone and NET for online services. Due to changes in technology but an integral part of the identity we proposed all caps in the new logo to preserve familiarity but reflect strength, stability, and perseverance. The stylized letter E became a three-stripes symbol representing the agency’s dynamic and agile organization and the new multiplatform content FONET is making for future regional expansion. 

The overall visual identity was made to look and feel clear to address audiences’ habits and to answer young audience’s expectations of content interaction. 

Having it’s own under-brands as a part of production program, FONET needed unified and adapted logotypes to their new identity.


Communication strategy

Building powerful and trustful communication required unambiguous language, yet a bit witty and understandable. The new slogan (Vesti čiste savesti – News of clear conscience) reflects the very core of FONET’s values, mission, and political resistance through 30 years on the market, remaining independent despite various political pressures.