Project Overview


Europe’s first LFP battery cell

Shifting from a start-up to an industrial-scale project ElevenEs is the first European producer of LFP battery cells for electric vehicles. We’ve helped the process with re-branding, and new communication strategy, website design, and the famous “We made it” international launch of their flagship product EDGE to the world arena.


Communication strategy

The uprising market of electric car makers resulted in an influx of small and large companies announcing LFP battery cells. While all other makers made loud noises on the market about the plans to build, ElevenEs had already built and ready-to-deploy a prototype of the EDGE, the European first LFP battery cell, but had no presence in the market. 

So, at the largest battery show in Europe, we made sure everyone knew ElevenEs was ahead of the game. “We made it”, a bit shocking for its simplicity and definitively an atypical choice of wording for the tech industry echoed through the headlines of high technology news outlets and daily news, catching the attention of everyone from famous car maker CEOs to mothers sharing articles to their children (which resulted in several high skilled employees joining the company).


Visual identity - Rebranding

Giving a refresh and expanding on existing branding, we focused on translating the super precise technology to brand appearance. With the new color palette, polished logo, and thorough brand application guides we’ve helped this fast-growing company maintain consistency in appearance. 


Web site design

Clear, intuitive, and modern design was aligned with the new visual identity and UX. With a goal of attracting a wider audience, language was simplified and reduced, to give room and spotlight to the flagship product.