Project Overview


When incredible passion and extraordinary taste for pizza come together.

How do you create a brand that merges two greatest passions: love for music and years of learning and experimenting epitome in pizza making? We asked ourselves the same when one man’s pandemic hobby turned into a business idea. Then we developed a full brand for what became FIGO- the new funky hot spot whose teaser campaign and owners’ popularity resulted in so much buzz, that orders came before the pizza oven was even installed.



This unusually interesting collaboration started with a quest for a name. To match brand personality, appearance, and ideology we looked into Italian phrases that express genuine joy in life, devotion to making perfection, and sharing precious moments of life – worth remembering with friends.

“(The Friends) are the salt of life!“- Sale della Vita expression was genuinely in the brand’s DNA which served as a backbone for the brand.  Che Figo- another catchy Italian expression used to describe “Incredible, great, awesome!” is a synonym for enjoyment for all senses and it won everyone’s hearts for short and to the point- FIGO, truly describing everything this place has to offer.


Visual branding

The Visual identity and communication strategy was just as inspiring of a journey. Merging music with the freshest, highest quality ingredients, topped with an extensive list of cocktails. We knew this unusual mix needs an unusual identity, so our team rolled up its sleeves and designed an eye-catching, memorable logo with a bit of a ‘cheerful and dancing’ typography.

The colors are in contrast, adding a pop to the whole mix. We got a bit carried away, but the result was worthwhile – over 20 custom illustrations came together, celebrating pizza, cocktails, and music and becoming symbols of the place, packaging, and decoration.


Marketing approach

Starting with a 3-step teaser campaign, displayed on billboards around Belgrade,  we’ve challenged the knowledge and curiosity of viewers. The campaign resulted in thousands of curious followers, before the pizza oven was even working.


User activation through a personal touch

In the world of emerging AI, we did just the opposite. Adding a personal, handwritten touch in every pizza box, evoked sincere care and love towards customers and the product-making process. Sharing their feelings on social media- FIGO built a base of loyal customers in a record time.

FIGO revolves around cherishing dear friends in a welcoming environment, where the city’s finest pizza and cocktails are served with true passion and owners’ eager and famous…and? What do you say?