Project Overview

Sinner Gin

Return of classic gin that took the market by provocative sins

We worked with Podrum Palic to create a product strategy, brand identity and communication for the premium line “Sinners & Angels”. The new identity helped to merge high-quality classic gin with youthful energy and address the younger generation of consumers. Hence the core idea is around the slogan “Sin responsibly.”

Project Description
The brand aims to appeal to gin enthusiasts, cocktail connoisseurs, and generally,  younger generations of consumers.  The inspiration for visual identity came from the commitment to quality, using traditional distillation methods, and 11 premium botanicals to create a refined and distinctive taste. We opted to capture high-quality and sophistication in visual identity, and leave the sin side to live up through communication strategy and campaign.
Sinner positioned itself as a premium gin brand that unlocks a little bit of devilishness in all of us but encourages responsible enjoyment.

Label & Packaging

The label incorporated elegance and sophistication, a clean and minimalist design, emphasizing the classic nature of the gin. The use of high-quality materials,  natural paper, and foil stamping added a touch of luxury and reflected the brand’s commitment to excellence. The label prominently featured the brand name Sinner in an elegant font, along with subtle visual elements that break the uniform.

Campaign Strategy

Sinner Gin Campaigns

The slogan “Sin Responsibly” was strategically chosen to convey a balance between indulgence and responsibility. The ‘Sin Responsibly’ offers exciting perspectives of bold, provocative, intriguing and devilish, resting on a concept of “Aren’t we all sinners?” The campaign garnered significant attention through online presence, events, tastings and print campaigns. The ‘on the edge’ approach, achieved brand recognition, raised awareness about the brand and  reached  a wide audience through online channels, events, and mixology community.

The combination of a premium product strategy, elegant label design, and intriguing messaging helped establish Sinner as a respected and desirable gin brand.