Project Overview

Fund for Youth Talents

Building future by investing in excellence

When the national grant and scholarship platform for gifted students underwent structural and program reform, The Fund for Youth Talents of the Republic of Serbia (Fond za mlade talente Republike Srbije) approached us for a full branding and communication strategy. To onset this major shift in brand perception and positioning of the national Fund supporting the most talented students, we’ve connected art and symbolism, with contemporary language and a clean modern look, while keeping the color palate close to the colors of the Serbian national flag. 

Project Description
The Fund for Youth Talents of the Republic of Serbia underwent a full transformation and its new brand had to reflect the major change. From visual appearance to changed communications strategy, The Fund for Youth Talents needed a full brand repositioning. The transformation increases the number of grants to talented students,  serving as an investment in youth, making The Fund for Youth Talents a valuable platform for a society whose investment in the present will contribute back to society with their knowledge and expertise in the future.

Visual identity - Rebranding

Our primary task was creating a modern visual identity, relevant to the primary target audience. The new logotype with its graphic elements and color palette creates a dynamic and energetic appearance, resonant with the younger public, with an established link with national colors. Overall composition implies mutual support and connection, going away and coming back, just as well as giving back –
which all together tells a story of Fund’s mission & vision.


Website Redesign

As the main channel of communication, the website presentation required a complex structure, yet a very simple UX with transparent, informative, and user-friendly UI and language. Design based on established visual identity uses segmented graphic elements, for a very precise and structured flow of information.


Communication strategy

As a government institution, the language is a blend of official and structured, yet modern, clear, and simplified terms,  enabling the quick search of relevant information, easy access, and understanding of programs, possibilities, and news.  This transparent approach helped in building trust and credibility for The Fund for Youth Talents and its core target group.