Project Overview

Winery Zvonko Bogdan

Serbia’s best-known and most awarded winery

Only 1% of all wines in the world receive gold at the most prestigious international wine recognition Decanter WWA. Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan (Zvonko Bogdan Winery) received three consecutive golds for its signature wine Cuvee #1, and a myriad of awards for the premium line. As one of the first privately owned wineries, VZB became a household name for its signature line inspired by songs and lyrics of legendary Zvonko Bogdan and famous for the winery’s grandiose building.  It was time for a new communication strategy that will shift consumer perception and deservingly position the experience, maturity and highly awarded premium line in focus. This is where we came aboard a long-term venture, excited to help Serbia’s best-known and most awarded winery re-position and find its way to international markets

Project Description
Collaboration with well-known Winery Zvonko Bogdan admired for its world-awarded wines, implied the development and implementation of a new communication strategy, art direction, content creation, and production of materials to support the change. The ultimate goal was to put the quality, knowledge, experience, and recognition of the premium portfolio of wines in focus and elevate the consumer experience. New communication is set to support plans for regional and worldwide expansion.
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Communication strategy

Our first focus was to clearly define promotional points that will set VZB apart from the others. With nearly 100 hectares of its own vineyards, a renowned enologist, a pompous building, proprietary artist’s wine labels, and a winery bearing name of a true legend made choosing a focus point mighty hard.

Our vision was to present the winery in the most transparent way and for what it is to both consumers and wine experts- an artistic and thorough process done with care and to the highest standards and treating other benefits as bonus communication points.  We wanted the quality and process to speak and to let consumers make a judgment.

In order to achieve a delicate, artistic, and elegant vibe in presenting premium quality wines we’ve developed a new communication strategy, coupled with a new art direction that was conveyed through multiple channels from events, social media content promotion and management, visual ads, promotional materials, and overall consumer experience. The minimalistic elegance quickly found its way to the hearts of consumers and set the winery apart from its competition.



By organizing a series of Masterclasses by the world’s best Master of Wine lecturers, we’ve gathered a curated group of sommeliers and wine experts to hear their opinions and share their knowledge. New events were added to an existing list of wine salons and fairs and the new appearance yielded results in a very short time.


Content Developements & Art Direction

Setting the new position for an already well-known winery is a long-term venture.  We believed that telling stories about the winery vs. serving information was a solid starting point on this journey. This was done in parallel with a shift in art direction, where simplicity gave its way to content room to speak.  Aligning  language and tone of voice with new visuals, created the desired appearance and made Zvonko Bogdan Winery a distinctive and aspirational brand. The change saw customer response immediately, and the audience started to change. After a brief decline in followers, the numbers started to rise, and new customers and consumers joined, doubling the engagement rate, content interaction, and most importantly sales within months.



Elevating customers’ experience is a permanent effort. New visual ads, promotional pieces, and interactive content for Zvonko Bogdan Winery required utmost preparation and re-inventing. For this kind of communication, it is crucial to develop adequate art direction for photography and tell a layered story in one image. Carefully chosen details help us stay truthful in saying that one picture can say a thousand words. This became a rule of thumb whether we design a wine bag, product catalog, or social media post.  Needless to say, we enjoy being on this journey ongoing project and in a persistent quest to find new ways that will amaze consumers.